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Bharath Kumar

Hey, My name is Bharath Kumar

Driven and innovative problem-solver with a passion for optimizing processes and leveraging technology to drive impactful solutions.

About Me Hey there, I'm Bharath Kumar, an engineer and problem solver fueled by a passion for technology and innovation. I earned my Master's degree in Management Science and Engineering from Lehigh University in December 2023.

Get to know me!

Hey! It's Bharath Kumar and I'm a Data Scientist located in New York. I've done projects for companies, consulted for startups, and collaborated with talented people to create business products for both business and consumer use.

I'm a bit of a business product junky. Over the years, I've used hundreds of projects in different industries and verticals. Feel free to checkout my resume here.


My Skills

IBM SPSS Modeler
Google Colab
Power Point
Chat GPT

Projects Most of my projects are graduate level and live link for each of the project is mentioned.

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Inventory Optimization

Formulated a mathematical model in AMPL to optimize the amount of inventory to be ordered by taking into consideration: Ordering, Purchasing, Holding cost,lead time and safety stock of each time period.

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Online Article Popularity Prediction

Predicted the popularity of online articles using machine learning models like logistic regression and neural networks to analyze key performance indicators, achieving a 73.3% accuracy.

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Bond Portfolio Optimization

Constructed cost-effective municipal bond portfolios using linear programming and immunization strategies to manage fixed-income risks, aligning with liability streams in present value, duration, and convexity.

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Contact Please don't be hesitant to ping me and let's catch up for a cup of coffee sometime.